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PSI Can Remove Your Mold.

PSI Clean will schedule a visit to your home to evaluate your mold issues. Upon completion of the initial pre-test, the specialist will provide a scope of work detailing steps to be taken to make sure the mold is fully removed. At this point PSI Clean Specialists’ professionally trained technicians will follow the mold remediation and mold removal scope of work, set up proper containment of contaminated areas, and properly remove your mold issue.

Processes such as dry ice blasting, soda blasting and air scrubbing will be used to make sure the mold is removed to normal levels. Encapsulant paints may also be used to treat the affected area to halt future return of the mold.

Professional, Reliable, Knowledgable.

Upon completion of the work, PSI Clean will perform a mold test to make sure all work was done properly and mold was returned to normal levels. You will be back to normal life quickly with as little interruption as possible.

Give PSI Clean Specialists a call today and one of our professionally trained Project Managers will walk you through the mold remediation and removal process and setup a time to visit you in person.

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