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Residential Services

PSI-Clean uses the Soft Wash approach.

Soft washing is the process of low pressure cleaning combined with the highest quality cleaning solutions. These solutions actively remove all contaminants from the exterior of the home, making it look like new. The soft wash cleaning technique is the ideal system because it is more effective than power washing and reduces the time it takes to perform the job, which in return reduces the cost to the home owner.

We are fully insured home improvement contractors who can provide you with a free estimate for our services upon request.

Maintenance Terms of Service
This is an agreement between PSI CLEAN, herein after referred to as the Contractor and/or we, and you, herein after referred to as the Client and/or you.

Contractor and Client hereby promise and agree to the following: The contractor agrees to provide the maintenance services as agreed, and the Client agrees to pay the charges specified in the Maintenance Agreement.

Damage:  We are very careful when we service your property, but if a covered incident does happen, we will repair the damage as long as the property owner takes appropriate aftercare.  Contact us immediately, no later than 24 hours after the service where damage occurred.  Damages that occur during the performance of our services shall be the sole responsibility of PSI CLEAN.  All approved repairs will be made by us or by an approved contractor; repairs made by others without our consent will not be our financial responsibility.

Damages we will not cover include, but are not limited to: air conditioning wiring, bird baths, bird houses, benches, chairs, play sets, concrete, dog beds, downspouts, drainage, shade structures, fences, fence posts, fence stain, flower boxes, holiday décor, improperly installed irrigation components, irrigation valve covers, metal edging, path lighting, pottery, outdoor curtains, retaining walls, stone edging, (brick and/or stone), stone pathways, toys, trees, shrubs, plant life, trampolines, plastic pools or other swimming pools, windows, exposed cables/wires, invisible fence dog lines, or sprinkler components/lines normally found below the surface of the lawn, disease or damage to lawns, any item hidden in the landscape and not clearly marked.

If we are required to move objects to service your lawn and/or landscape, such as, but not limited to: benches, bird baths, basketball goals, playhouses, lawn furniture, trampolines, etc., we will not be responsible for damage caused by moving the object from where we need to provide service.

Roof cleaning DISCLAIMER: PSI CLEAN is not responsible for any possible damages to the properties plant life and/or personal belongings. PSI CLEAN provides a “Soft Wash” alternative for roof cleaning. Debris is removed from the existing roofs surface, PSI CLEAN then sprays at low pressure a specific combination of cleaning agents to the roofs surface to dehydrate the plant life and to kill the root system, to the existing algae, moss and lichen. PSI CLEAN is responsible for pre-rinsing the surrounding plant life and grass lines, so as to limit and or prevent the possibility of a dehydration to said plant life. The property owners is solely responsibility for all aftermath care and maintenance. This includes watering the surrounding plant life thoroughly as needed and applying a garden feeding solution such as “Miracle Grow” if needed. You accept our service with these terms.

Season to Season Continuing Service:  We consider you our loyal customer from season to season unless we receive appropriate written communication.

Lawn Debris:  Removal of lawn debris is included as part of your routine maintenance service.  Lawn debris includes anything left behind by Mother Nature (sticks, leaves, misplaced ground cover, etc.).  PLEASE NOTE: We do not remove grass clippings.

Other items not included in our definition of lawn debris are man-made trash items — newspaper, packing peanuts, plastic bottles, paper cups, etc., as well as dog poop.  We are not a trash company.

Pets:  Our service teams love pets, but not all pets love us!  We are careful about locking and closing gates, but we cannot guarantee a pet will not escape.  We recommend keeping your pets inside on service days, and checking the gate for closure after service to ensure it is latched before releasing your valuable pets into the yard. You accept our service with these terms.

Changes, Complaints, and Communications:  Please make all communications, changes to service, or complaints to the office via email and not a service team member.  There is a possibility that your team leader may forget, be off the next day, or misunderstand the information.  Contacting the office in writing allows us to be certain that your changes or needs are noted correctly in your customer file and are placed on work orders, and it is the only approved way to request a change to service or additional services.

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